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I love these two adorable bbs to death. I WISH I COULD HUG THEM AAHH

steve/tony, high school or college au. 

Steve was a kindhearted, selfless, scrawny little kid who loved art and hated bullies and stood up for those worse off than him, who hit a growth spurt in senior year of high school and grew (and grew and grew) into a kindhearted, selfless and charismatic young man, perpetually unused to his own newfound popularity, who sometimes still acts like he’s still that scrawny little kid, who still loves art, who became a star athlete because he’d always wanted to make his school/family proud and wanted to use his newfound physical strength for a positive purpose, who still hates bullies and stands up for those worse off than him, and who met a sarcastic, lazy genius called Tony Stark in a class they both were required to take in order to graduate.

Tony was a neglected, genius child whose peers never saw him as anything but Howard Stark’s strange son and who Howard never saw as anything but falling short of his expectations, who, failing to connect with his classmates, built his own friends from metal and scraps and gave them names and personalities and treated them like people worthy of the respect he’d never received, only earned, who fought for everything he could get and was kind of a mess throughout high school and most of college, and was never anything but his smart-rich-boy-hot-mess reputation to anyone but Pepper Potts and James Rhodes, who buried himself in his work and inventions until he met tall blond All-American-just-add-apple-pie Steve Rogers, and all of a sudden he was wrongfooted, because Steve didn’t care about his reputation, was straightlaced and so god damn good it was annoying and couldn’t be real so of course Tony had to poke at that. And they got off to a rocky start, snapping and biting at each other, but bit by bit slowly catching glimpses of the other they hadn’t realized was there, growing closer and closer, until one day they were the closest of friends, until one day Steve realized he was enthralled, invested, captivated by this fragile, brilliant, complex tangle of issues and sarcasm and deeply buried selflessness and nothing he wouldn’t do to keep him safe, and Tony realized he didn’t have to prove himself to anyone, because Steve loved him the way, simply, as he was, and that was all that mattered.

I see tony as not really caring what he looks like when he’s been working, especially if he’s around Steve, so I put him in an old jacket and tshirt.

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