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give me all the mafia aus

where erwin is a boss and levi is his right hand and hanji is his bishop, and these three are his bodyguards, and all the thugs underestimate tiny five-foot annie, who looks even more out of place next to her two 6’+ comrades, but who is in reality the most deadly fighter in the whole group

all of their appearances, really, belie their true selves: little blonde annie the deadliest; giant, imposing bertholdt the most passive; broad and muscular reiner both the most caring/responsible and the most able to get along with/infiltrate/deceive others. 

plot twist they’re all secretly spies for the Ape Man, erwin’s biggest rival in the criminal underworld and a real piece of shit but because i’m a sap who needs happy endings to move forward in life they have a change of heart and become double spies for erwin

the rest of the scouting legion/104th kids comprise erwin’s people and it’s awesome and I need this au

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