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just wanted something more flowy

try again

miss you

the biggest troll you’ve ever met and also the crocodile lady with the worst haircut you’ve ever met. it doesn’t work in either form…sometimes j thinks she does that deliberately  to fuck with people. it certainly annoys j 

stories live on. 


taking a break from lineart hell to work out my frustration

this is slightly older armin being a secret fucking badass and killing things because I HATE LINEART, and also because of that one tumblr post that i can’t find that has official art of him in dark blue sleeveless shirt/arm sleeves with shoulder muscles and the caption ‘wake up america’

i cant find it after much searching if anyone knows what im talking about please message it to me? 

procrastinating another assignment

the struggle to have a unique art style is so fucking real


sunrise over fire cloud mountain city

i don’t CARE if those are genuine falcon claw boots samuel wilson we’re going undERCOVER

dedicated to mackie’s adorable enthusiasm for the original falcon’s red spandex 

I got your back.

i always draw su scowling and sir smiling, so I wanted them to switch for a bit.

jubes sketches, planning out a project :D while I’m not an xmen expert, jubilee has always been one of my favorites, and one of the only asian superheroes I was able to find in american comics growing up :)