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so my friend was like “Goal in life: write a wonder woman movie where diana comes out in under-armor gear and batman just hands her a hair tie from his utility belt and tells supes he might want to look away.” and I was like wow that sounds A+

her son, when he was younger and scrawnier- 18, perhaps? He puts on a significant amount of muscle in the next six years, making him more compact, kind of like a gymnast.

ask not what your country can do for you 

too late

testing out more awesome new brushes with an OC! She didn’t come out quite the way I expected…

(here’s the story. please excuse any gary stu, i made these people up when I was twelve, they’ve actually come a really really long way since then.)

She’s the mother of another of my OCs, in a world somewhat similar to our own. Her own mother is a ‘witch’/wise old woman in tune with the supernatural etc., like Genkai (from YYH) or a tiny old asian John Constantine (they are rumored to have supernatural heritage, but there was never any proof or reason to have a witch hunt. The grandmother is viewed as benign, if a little intimidating at times). When she is still very young, the lady in the picture above, a strikingly beautiful woman, has a son out of wedlock by an unknown, unknowing father, and leaves the son to be raised by her mother in her northern Siberian hometown while she moves west to find better employment. Settling in Moscow, she eventually, through intelligence, diplomacy, shrewd business tactics, and perhaps a bit of the supernatural, rises to become one of the most well-respected/known madam figures in the area, analagous to a Petyr Baelish or Varys figure (almost a Vetinari in the way she handles delicate power balances and diplomacy). She enjoys her status as a queen spider at the center of her invisible web, and no one knows her past, let alone that she has a son back east; all that is known of her origins is that she used to be a no-name prostitute and worked her way up. Her legendary beauty does not fade over time, only matures, which gives rise to further rumors about her being not quite human. Rumors of her using spells to artificially retain her appearance, however, are false; while she knows the value of beauty, she knows better than to chase the dangerous dream of eternal youth. Powerful figures come to her for information and favors, but her name is spoken of like a secret- to see her, you must know somebody who knows of a place where you can meet another, shadier figure, who will take you through several other hoops and meet other strangers who will eventually take you to a subordinate of hers, etc. Those connected with the supernatural are more cautious of her. She takes on both supernatural and mundane clients.

Her son, a dark haired, taciturn boy who listens more than he speaks, grows up hardy, raised and trained by his grandmother, taught in the same supernatural tradition as his mother (erring on the side of animism/charms etc. rather than fantasy-type sorcery- quiet stuff, mostly, no flash bang. He does, however, have a particular affinity for fire, as they all do). He attends the local school and educates himself; amongst his peers he is quiet and studious, watching and learning (developing, eventually, a subdued, wry sense of humor, which he rarely displayed. He gets picked on a bit for being quiet but no one really wants to mess with Odgerel’s grandson. He had a few friends). His mother has almost no contact with him; rather cold and distant, she has her own affairs to attend to.

At 15, curious about his parents and desiring to see the world beyond his town, he takes his leave of his grandmother, and ends up traveling most of Eurasia and some of Northern Africa in search of his father (his mother, he finds upon arriving in Moscow, after less than a day of surreptitious questioning. They are loyal to each other as they are mother and son, but there is no real love lost. He does errands for her, and tells her how her mother is doing, which she does care more about. They bond briefly over this. She holds his cheek in her hand). Following his father’s trail, he picks up various languages and skills, holding a string of odd jobs in this period, everything from book clerk to bouncer to hired muscle to hired killer; he needs the money, and is unnaturally strong and resilient due to his heritage, his grandmother’s training and his own lifestyle. Furthermore, as he begins to phase out of puberty, he starts giving off a slightly intimidating air due to his quiet competence (though in reality he’s just a guy who reads too much - secret nerd. People underestimate his intelligence). He keeps his grandmother’s superstitions and rituals and knowledge about him, which serves him well.

Finally, around 3 years later, he finds his father’s old friends and a younger half-brother in Japan, and learns his father’s story (a traveller, also supernatural, kind of an asshole, vaguely connected to various shady plots), and hears that his father passed away some years ago. At a bit of a loss, he shares a small apartment in Japan with his half-brother for a while, the two teaming up occasionally to tie up their father’s loose ends. He explores the countryside and does more reading.

Eventually he finds steadier work in St. Petersburg through an old contact, and joins the Russian mob almost by accident after breaking up a fight between two bigwigs at a bar (he didn’t know they were bigwigs) and resisting all subsequent attempts on his life. Now a full-time hitman, he gets partnered with a loud, inexplicably good-humored German (Neal-Caffrey-type) of around the same age, with hair down to his shoulders (and an affinity for electricity and lightning). The partnership is fairly rocky at the beginning, with the lanky, affable German seeming a bit loud and silly at first to the more serious Siberian. But two years and countless missions together later they are inseparable, and a year after that they get over themselves and begin a relationship, and a bit less than 4 years after that they leave the mob together and go into hiding, aided by their contacts, physical and intellectual prowess, and knowledge of the supernatural. They live a relatively quiet life holding various normal or supernatural jobs and raising the German’s four younger siblings (rain, wind, thunder, ice) in America. He still writes his grandmother at least once a year, and occasionally is called to do odd jobs for his mother.


januariat, I found those brushes we talked about!  Here you go:

Ahhh here they are!! Thank you so much, you are truly amazing :D

I’ve always thought of Kitty as a sort of Jewish Hermione, for some reason.  

what we have learned: i literally cannot draw dragons. how do they work. 

take 3 


progress pics 2

trying something…flat color progress pics

(Source: iraffiruse)


trying new style :D I am horribly uncreative with streetfighting outfits someone help

practicing lineart and doodling with Irksome Shortie and Commander Eyebrows

annie are you ok.jpg

street fighter AU, anyone?

new pencil brushes! i need to improve my lineart