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I suddenly want to show you guys this drawing. I drew it last year in my art class. It was inspired by a Fight Club drawing I saw. But here I was trying to show how Tony’s ideas sprouted primarily from Howard. Idk. But I cross hatched this like a boss.

Howard and Tony… Love it.


WIP scribble Starks from livestream. Still a lot of cleanup to go on Tony and Howard but I’m in another Bad Apple mood, so I had to sketch something to get it out of my system.

omg I’m crying

this is too good


Sol wanted me to do awkward Stark hugs. Sol was also drunk. So when ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall’ came on while I was drawing it got really hilariously awkward. 

Then the disco ball was added to fit the music.

Howard is so not pleased. 



I tend to lean towards a harsher view of Howard as a parent, though nowhere near the degree to which Brian Banner sucked as a parent. Definitely coldness, distance, impossibly high standards, never showing any sign he cared for Tony, maybe even beatings, but unlike Brian, who beat his son because he hated him, thought he was the basest kind of monster, wished he didn’t exist, Howard, I believe, would strike his son as punishment because he believed him capable of much more. And also, you know, he’s emotionally retarded. Tony’s had no one to teach him healthy ways of giving or receiving or just dealing with affection, no one to tell him to ever stop trying to measure up, that he’s fine the way he is and that the fact that his work maybe occasionally falls short or can always be improved upon and progress further doesn’t mean that he as a person is always falling short. I see Tony as learning a lot of his interactions through his dealings with the media, who are always eager for the extremes, eager for a show, and through constantly being around people much older than him, many of whom resent him automatically for who he is and where he comes from and the fact that he’s fucking brilliant, a genuine prodigy, and young, too young in their eyes to deserve anything, yet. He strives to be independent of his father and his legacy, to be his own person, to not need, because he’s sick of it, sick of trying and trying and failing to win his father’s, anyone’s, approval, time and time again, of having to fight for all of it. So he pushes, and pushes further, he forges himself into Tony Fucking Stark, with more money than God and an attitude to match, a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, until he gets automatic, if not respect, then at least attention, whenever he walks into a room. But twenty years later he’s still dealing with it, still dealing with the fact that he never did manage to win his father’s approval and he never will, he lost the chance when he was seventeen and Howard died in a car crash. Then Iron Man comes along, and Tony is shaken, temporarily jolted out of the terrible loop of denial and pushing the limits as far as they can go, and for the first time, really starts to be his own man, to create something completely independent of Howard. Iron Man, its inception, its execution, all its flaws and strengths, is all Tony. 

In my headcanon, I like to think Steve’s helping Tony start to learn his way out of the emotional fuckedup-ness his upbringing left him with. He’s not merely normal and completely capable of showing affection, of being there for someone who’s been beaten down, he’s a good person. I won’t get into my Steve/Tony feels here, this is more of a Stark post. But I will also say it’s interesting to juxtapose Bruce and Tony’s upbringings, how they developed into the people they are today, their very different personalities- Tony larger than life, Bruce doing everything possible to make himself disappear, and the roles Howard and Brian played in that development.