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Live with Kelly and Michael [part 3]




I don’t know what I like most about this - the fact that his jumper looks fuzzy and pettable, or the way that he’s posed with the tree, like they’ve met in the street or at a restaurant and the tree asked to have its photo taken with him.

Maybe he’s nicer to trees these days, since the one that tried to demolish his house.

I think he killed that tree with his bare hands, and is posing with it as a hunter poses with his kill. He’s not nicer to trees — he thirsts for vengeance upon them.

One tree went after his mother. Now he is…The Treeminator.

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Me: Can we pose like a couple while my boyfriend looks jealous?
Matt: Haha, sure.

Boyfriend: Can we pose like a couple while my girlfriend looks jealous?
Misha: YES.

this is to perfect



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I’ve played a lot of bad characters in my life - not bad, but kind of rough, complicated characters, and Ned is such an adorable, sweet guy that I think people think that’s who I am. I’m not unlike Ned; I’m pretty shy and kind of reclusive, but not as much as Ned.
I should probably never describe myself as adorable.

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Lee Pace for Tiffany & Co.

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Scarlett Johansson at SDCC, July 20th 2013

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“I start singing a lot [when I smoke weed]. And then I sleep. So singing, followed by slumber. Songs and slumber. It’s not a really bad evening if you think about it.” [x]

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#john you need to stop #it’s becoming harder and harder not to be in love with you

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Marvel Comics Meme | nine artists (5/9)
↳ Sara Pichelli

“Troy is Spiderman now.”

this is all i ever wanted from life



Gotta catch ‘em all!  Coming at you, second day in a row with one of my favorite pieces that debuted at APE.  POKEMON!  If Sailor Moon was third grade obsession, then Pokemon was the 6th grade.  I won’t lie, never knew how to play the card game, but the show and the Gameboi versions were my childhood.  I hope my immense love for the series shines through in this piece.

It’s a bit of a colorful mess, which I don’t mind, so you really have to search through the image to pick out the little monsters.  I put most of my favorites.  I wanted to give the characters a more realistic but still stylized kind of look.  Of course some are harder to stylize than others, some are inherently easy.  I struggled with this piece before I got it here, and I have to say I’m really happy with how it came out.  I did the background separately and it features some larger Pokemon in a rougher style.  Most of them ended up getting covered up but you can sort of see them peeking out through the foreground characters.  I love getting feedback and tumblr isn’t really built for that, so feel free to reply to the pic or if you reblog, leave a little message with it - I do love those :P

Can you pick out all of the pocket monsters?

Aww, I wanna pinch Pikachu’s widdle cheeks! … And now I miss my gerbils, actually.